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From luxurious nail treatments to expertly crafted makeup artistry, we provide a sanctuary where self-care meets indulgence. Our skilled artists pride themselves on delivering unparalleled experiences, starting with a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique preferences and desires.

Our team is made made up of five different levels of service providers who are eager to serve you and exceed your expectations. Our level system accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various service needs. Service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand of their time.

Guest may choose the level that best fits their needs and budget. The training our team receives is customized, innovative, consistent and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues through their entire career with us.

*All prices are starting at. "+" denotes increase in price with increase in level of service provider.*

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Spa Manicure | $21+

Gel Manicure | $42+

Paraffin Treatment, Manicure | $6+

Polish Change | $10+

Spa Pedicure | $41+

Gel Polish Upgrade, Pedicure | $10+

Paraffin Treatment, Pedicure | $7+

Acrylic Full Set | $46+

Acrylic Fill-In | $25+

Acrylic Removal | $17+

Gel Nails; Full Set | $47+

Gel Nails; Overlay | $29+

Repair, Each | $4+

Nail Art, Each | $5+

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Makeup Consultation | Free

Makeup Application | $55+

Airbrush Application | $55+

Bridal Trial Session | $65+

Lash Tint | $21+

Lash Lift | $79+

Lash Extension Application | $199+

Lash Extension Fill | $50+