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Aspen Bond

Level 1 Stylist

I choose this industry because it gives me so much creative freedom and room for growth. I have only been in the industry for a few months and I have never felt more at peace with the path I have chosen. I love to spend my days off reading, hanging out with friends, and I even love a good night out! Clipzone has given me a home away from home, I love being at work and never dread going! All of the ladies have been so welcoming and helpful. It’s a crazy family but I LOVE IT. I love doing a good blonding session , i also love me just a good transformation. I would have to say my guilty please is pickles… i could eat them at any point in the day with whatever meal. I even drink the juice. Something about pickles , in all and any form makes me happier than it probably should.

Favorite Product: Redken Quick Blowout & Spray Wax

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