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Joe Atang

Level 1 Stylist

- Why you chose to be in this industry & how long?

I always answer this question with "My story is my moms story!" - Judith Atang is the reason i not only chose this industry but the reason i'm in love with it now. As a prolific hairstylist since the 80's (i'm not biased at all), she built an incredible career for herself, started her own salon company, all while raising and supporting her amazing family. I wish a lot more people knew how amazing her journey was as a stylist and selfishly want to keep her legacy alive while telling her incredible story. Ive been a salon baby, and become a salon professional in 2010!

- What's your favorite hobby to do on a day off?

Not sure if this is a Hobby LOL but i love being a dad. I keep myself pretty busy as my undiagnosed ADHD keeps me pretty involved in a ton of things ranging from my obsession with Branding/Marketing, Technology innovation (crypto, AI), Rumaging.Garage Sales, and collecting trading cards (primarily basketball/Veefriends).

- Favorite Part About Working at CZ

For me its how tight knit the team is. Very family oriented, as well as very supportive. This has been my experience since day 1.

-Fave in-chair/spa/nail service to perform


- Guilty Pleasure

French Fries, Sushi, and most things Chocolate (don't judge me)

Favorite Product: Redken Frizz Dismiss & Mizani Miracle Milk

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